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Why Chose A Concrete Worktop?

Concrete around the home is so fashionable right now - with the industrial trend hugely popular, we are seeing concrete everywhere from floors to kitchen tables.

One very practical option is to choose concrete for your kitchen worktop. We love concrete on an island unit, with the concrete worktop giving the island unit real focus in the kitchen. Mixed with wooden worktops around the rest of the kitchen, this would look really striking. Or you could have all of your kitchen worktops in concrete for something really unique.

We love the individuality of concrete, with the texture and finish of every concrete worktop being unique due to the material. It can also be moulded to any shape, so perfect to create a worktop that will be fitted perfectly for your kitchen.

Concrete is a hard wearing surface which only gets stronger over the years - it's also something completely different to have as your kitchen worktop.

The past few years have seen concrete grow in popularity due to the bespoke nature of the material. Unlike many other worktop materials, every piece of concrete is totally unique and can be moulded to any shape or thickness required. The material enables each client to express their creative side with endless possibilities in colour tones and finishes.

Its durable nature is the reason why it is widely used for so many applications. It is a timeless material that continues to evolve with its surroundings, developing a natural patina over time.

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